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Fathers Day Gifts - Cuisinart 10-Piece Premium Grilling Set

Brief Item Overview

This Cuisinart 10-Piece Premium Grilling Set consists of a total of 10-pieces of barbecuing tools, and it includes: A chef's spatula, 4 skewers, grill fork, grill tongs, grill brush, and 2 replacement grill brush heads.

One thing that we would like to bring to your attention about the tools in this grilling set is that, all of the tools tools are made of stainless steel (so that you do not have to worry about any rust) and have wooden handles (with wooden handles, you need not worry about the heat when holding the tools while barbecuing).

Also included in this Cuisinart Premium Grilling Set is a leather carry case to store the tools.

Customers' Reviews Of This Cuisinart 10-Piece Premium Grilling Set

Besides taking a look at this Cuisinart 10-Piece Premium Grilling Set ourselves when reviewing the product, we have also taken into consideration what fellow customers are saying about it.

And when it comes to customers' reviews about this premium grilling set, on the whole, they are delighted with their purchase - In particular, the like the fact that the wooden handles on the tools give it a long reach to avoid the frame of the grill. Also, in terms of durability, they have said that this grilling set is highly durable.

On top of that, users have also mentioned the fact that the stainless steel look great as well, and it is easily washable.

Our Final Verdict

All in all, we feel that this Cuisinart 10-Piece Premium Grilling Set will make an excellent Father's Day gift for your dad, especially if he loves grilling.

He will then have a set of quality tools to show off his grilling skills and will definitely be very delighted with this gift. This grilling set will be a wonderful complement to his grill.

Moreover, the wooden handles make the tools look stylish and also enable your dad to still handle the tools when cooking at the hot grill. It even comes with a very nice looking case that is great for keeping the tools together in one place so your dad can easily find them and get his tools out for some barbequing in the backyard.

Not only that, the leather case enables your dad to bring the tools to some other place conveniently. This set even comes with replacement brush heads which is really great. Therefore, make your dad happy and get him this Cuisinart 10-Piece Premium Grilling Set for your dad this Father's Day.


So Many BBQ Grills, Which Type is Best for You?

There are a lot of different BBQ grills on the market today, different sizes and styles. Sometimes choosing the best one for you is more confusing than it should be, after all, it is just a BBQ. At one time that meant a basic, round BBQ that you used with briquets. But today you do not have to be so limited, the options are endless. Let's take a look at what's available.

Charcoal BBQ grills - of course, these are still available, and the preference of many outdoor cooking enthusiasts. They take pride in knowing exactly how many briquets are needed depending upon what and how much they are cooking in order to create the perfect temperature. Barbecuing is an art, and they are experts. No matter what they cook, it turns out perfect every time.

Portable BBQ Grills - these grills are normally smaller, easy to load up into your car or truck to take with you to park or beach. These can be either charcoal, gas or electric. Many are small, tabletop grills, and some are bigger, but are light enough to carry. Since they are not very big, they are best for small gatherings.

Electric Grills - electric grills are not very common, and though not for everybody, they serve a devoted market. Most electric grills are small and designed for the table top, but you can get full size grills as well. These are perfect for people who do not grill a lot, but enjoy the occasional summer BBQ. Also great for apartment living when grilling on a balcony. No need to worry about briquets or gas, just plug it in. I have only used one once, it was the grill on the balcony at a resort. I had never used one before, but was very happy with the results, it was nice to just set the temperature (Hi / Low), and not worry about it. The cooking was very even, the steaks were perfect!

Gas Grills - these BBQ grills have become very popular in the last 10 - 20 years. Which shouldn't be very surprising, there is no charcoal to buy or dispose of, you get almost instant heat, and if regularly maintained, the heat is evenly disbursed. These grills come in a variety of sizes and can be quite deluxe. When we moved from the country into town, we changed from charcoal to gas. I was reluctant at first, but soon got used to the convenience. It is nice to be able to BBQ whenever you wish without wondering if you need briquets. Sure, you may run out of propane, but it is an annual problem, not monthly.

BBQ Islands - these are for the serious griller. They are large, and though you can get one on wheels, they can also be a permanent fixture on you patio. The grill is built into a surface with an island, and often with a small refrigerator below for storing everything you need without running into the house. I have seen some really nice island grills made out of brick or stone, adding great ambiance to a patio. Most of these are propane BBQ grills.

Regardless of where you live or the type of BBQ-er you are: the occasional griller, the weekly griller, or the "often as possible" griller, there is the perfect grill out there for you. With so many different types of BBQ grills on the market today, you can find one to suit your lifestyle and grilling needs.


The Thrill of the Grill

Ever notice that on backyard barbecues, it's always the man of the house who is in charge of the grill? Maybe it's the scent and the sizzle of fat and grease hitting a hot surface. Or the primal allure of cooking with the most basic of tools. Whatever it is, you still need to know the basics of cooking like this for your family to fully enjoy the thrills from the grill.

You have to keep in mind that grilling is a quick cooking process. The meat has to be tender right from the start. You cannot cook longer like in steaming and boiling where it will tenderize the meat. You try that in the grill and you will end up with charcoal for dinner. Be aware of the meat's freshness, thickness, cut and marbling. These factors will determine the final outcome of your efforts.

All the fancy flavourings and infusions will be useless if done on the wrong cut of meat. Porterhouse steaks, T-bone, and strip steaks are popular choices because they are the ones best suited to being subject to the grill's high heat. Thinner cuts like flank steaks and skirt steaks burn easily and are not recommended for outdoor barbecues and indoor broilers.

Balance freshness with aging. To ensure freshness, look for beef that is bright red or deep red. Avoid too much blood and stay away from those pre-cut meats with too much liquids sloshing around in the packaging. This simply means the meat has been staying in the butchers for so long that liquid is starting to seep out. Also look for meat that has a layer of fat. During the grilling process, this fat will melt and infuse the meat with intense flavor.

Even cuts are the best for grilling. Too thin and you burn the meat. Too thick and the inside will be raw. Have one side thinner and that side will get done first. Cook it long enough for the thicker side to get done and you will end up burning the other.

Next concern is aging the meat. Buy meat a few days from the planned grilling. This way, the met will have time to mature in your refrigerator. Aging is when the meat's natural enzymes act on it making it more tender. Frozen meat should be allowed to thaw out completely before being grilled.

If the recipe calls for a marinade, this is the time to do it. Marinades often contain acids like vinegar or lemon juice, salt, and possibly alcohol from wine or brandy. This makes them fast-acting so you have to marinate on the day itself and not longer. There is a big difference between tender and mushy so you have to time it perfectly. To prevent spills inside your refrigerator, place the meat along with the marinade inside a resealable plastic bag.

Remember that you are still handling raw meat so all the usual precautions still apply. Keep it refrigerated until the grill is nice and hot. Also mind the surfaces you will be laying food on. food poisoning caused by bacteria will ruin any picnic, so be careful.

Finally, you can place the meat on the grill and wait eagerly for dinner to be served. Enjoy!


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